Supplier Assessment

I have found lines of communication within an OEM factory are often blurred and confusing, and they become even more opaque between Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. I encourage our clients to create long-term relationships in China at a high level, while also realizing many Chinese Senior Managers are distracted by issues that aren’t on the factory floor. My goal is to establish processes that anticipate disruptions, and clarify communication.

Vendor Sourcing Services

Finding credible suppliers in China is a frustrating endeavor. There are many supplier matchmaking websites, such as and, which are very effective in connecting you to suppliers in China. Trade shows and Exhibitions are another way to meet Chinese suppliers. However, after introductions are made, it’s frequently difficult to understand why the excitement doesn’t last, and delays and miscommunications occur.

I seek to shorten the time needed to find new and credible suppliers. Once I have a good understanding of your needs, I will provide you with a list of known, credible Chinese supplier’s specific to your product offerings, capable of meeting your cost, quantities and technical specifications.

As your advocate in China, I engage the suppliers’ senior management team, and collaborate all aspects of your outsourcing projects.

I also encourage clients to schedule a vendor tour of potential OEM partners. We may then arrange samples for evaluation and verification via 3rd party testing facilities here in Hong Kong.

Technical Exchange Program

In some cases it is necessary to bring the Chinese OEM and International Client into a closer partnership by sharing technical knowledge. Before this stage begins I will share with you some best practices of safeguarding proprietary Intellectual Property. We may then set up technical seminars or conferences in China or your location. Achievement of this goal will create a common product specific language between the OEM and the Client. Current technical innovations can then be improved for future product offerings.