Otis Edwards - Founder, Managing Director: Red Rover Limited

Otis Edwards

Founder & Managing Director

Otis Edwards, BA, MBA, MA, PhD (Candidate)

Since arriving in Asia, I have been fascinated by the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. My business career has been spent in the Chinese manufacturing and sourcing environment, and I’ve observed how various cultural assumptions and misunderstandings often derail the best-laid intentions. Academically I am a historian engaging questions of China’s trade relations with the West. I’ve discovered that some of the current challenges we face today doing business in China are the same issues we were facing 200 years ago.

I have been living in China/Hong Kong for 25 years. Before founding Red Rover I held positions in many facets of process and product management on behalf of international companies. My career literally started on the factory production floor and gradually moved into handling managerial business issues with senior management. Listing some of my endeavors; I have established China sourcing offices, qualified component and material sub-suppliers, started product development QA/QC processes and managed supply chain partners, achieved company sales targets and engaged in after-sales claim negotiations. Along the way I have worked with hundreds of mainland factories, whether state-run, JV or private Chinese factories located mainly in Eastern and Southern China. Some of the sectors I have worked in include; consumer and sporting goods, industrial machinery, automotive, chemicals, materials and components.

I am originally from Texas, and currently live in Hong Kong with my wife Dr. Susan Mistler, and our three boys: twins Austin Chance and Mason Blaze, and Harper Grayson. I enjoy playing Ice Hockey and competing in triathlons.