Targeted Market Analysis

Before you seek to establish a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), Joint Venture (JV), enact a sales plan or understand your product-sourcing options, you need reliable market data. I have found gathering accurate and actionable information in China is difficult and often misleading.

My approach has three processes;


Broadly research the clients target market, examining the relevant suppliers and customers in detail


Define specific companies and manufacturers for targeted evaluation, including ownership structure and key financials


Visit the targeted Chinese company. I meet with senior management, and tour the facilities, collect impressions and observations

After evaluating all the information, I outline the specific challenges and opportunities that affect your objectives.

Market Survey Tour

Using the findings from my Market Analysis report, I will coordinate a Survey Tour for face-to-face meetings. I will gain direct access to prospective sales agents and distributors, technical service agents, and potential customers to make informed decisions on your strategy.

Transition Into Market

I will guide you in establishing the proper reporting lines and contacts between your company personnel and the appropriate Chinese counterparts. Where necessary, I may conduct bi-cultural communication-training sessions, and assist to establish roles and responsibilities between all parties.