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Are you interested in getting a genuine understanding of the China market for your products but don’t where to begin? I seek to provide you with the insight to enter the market effectively.

I will connect you with:

  • Relevant players in your market
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings
  • Train your team to work effectively with your new Chinese partners

This allows you to gain real advice and feedback, to create a strategy appropriate to your business objectives.

Targeted Market Analysis

Before you seek to establish a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), Joint Venture (JV), enact a sales plan or understand your product-sourcing options, you need reliable market data. I have found gathering accurate and actionable information in China is difficult and often misleading. My approach has three processes: [more…]

Otis Edwards - Founder, Managing Director: Red Rover Limited

Otis Edwards

Founder & Managing Director

Otis Edwards, BA, MBA, MA, PhD (Candidate)

Since arriving in Asia, I have been fascinated by the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. My business career has been spent in the Chinese manufacturing and sourcing environment, and I’ve observed how various cultural assumptions and misunderstandings often derail the best-laid intentions. Academically I am a historian engaging questions of China’s trade relations with the West. I’ve discovered that some of the current challenges everyone faces doing business in China today are the same issues they would have been facing 200 years ago. [more…]

Vendor Sourcing Services

Finding credible suppliers in China is a frustrating endeavor. There are many supplier matchmaking websites, such as Alibaba.com and Made-in-China.com, which are very effective in connecting you to suppliers in China. Trade shows and Exhibitions are another way to meet Chinese suppliers. However, after introductions are made, it’s frequently difficult to understand why the excitement doesn’t last, and delays and miscommunications occur. [more…]

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